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Eggshelland 2007
Coming Soon - March 16, 2008
  2008 Theme is Zoo's Who (click link)
Lions, Tigers, Bears and More with 13,660 shells,  Peacock  with 6,746 shells, and Parrot
with 4,310 shells for a total display of
42,650 Real Eggshells
  Noah's Ark

On Display Now -to- April 9, 2007
Extended to April 24, 2007
The weather is cloudy at Eggshelland today, April 23. Just one more day left
to see the mosaic eggshell designs before the display closes tomorrow.

****Eggshelland's 50th Anniversary****
Thank you
Eggshelland 2007
Lyndhurst, Ohio
  Bunny Happy Easter     Eggs
 The theme this year is A Blast From the Past The display includes; "The
Flintsones," with 16,536 shells,  "The Jetsons,"  with 11,464 shells, and
," with 6,254 shells.
The display will be up from April 1st  thru April 9th.     

Photos added below - worth the wait to load.

Visit Eggshelland 2006, complete with display photos.

Latest Cleveland, Ohio, weather conditions and forecast
Webcam at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
A view of Wade Hall at Waterfowl Lake, one of the oldest
zoo buildings in North America, constructed in 1884.

A Blast From the Past
Easter, April 8, 2007
50,124 Real Eggshells
Eggshelland is a unique Easter Display, presented by Ron and Betty
Manolio of Lyndhurst, Ohio.  This will be its 50th anniversary (our 49th year).
The entire front yard is
transformed into different eggshell mosaic designs
each year, always
including a 50ft. Cross and our mascot, the Easter Bunny.
     The display has grown from 750 shells in 1957.  We use 24 brilliant colors
of 1Shot, Outdoor Sign Paint enamel to paint the shells. As far as we know,  it
is the only display of it's kind in the world. The idea came from Ron's Mother, who placed dyed eggshells on bushes in front of her home.
     This is a family project.  We used to save our shells. Recently,  we have
 obtained them from several restaurants, but they have gone to liquid eggs. 
The Sidewalk Cafe uses fresh eggs.  Ron makes a hole the size of a dime in
the egg  and Betty shakes out the contents.  The shells are then washed and
 the edges of the hole
trimmed.  After painting, the shells are stored by color in
 boxes, with 250 in each box.  They are used over and over again each year,
and repainted, if necessary, in the proper colors.
     Our average handling breakage is 1500 shells.  We have had three
disasters.  In 1998, we had a hail storm that destroyed 10,238 shells. In 2002,
an ice storm on top of 6 inches of snow broke 11,941, and in 2005, 6 inches of
heavy wet snow smashed 5,633 shells.

     The theme this year is A Blast from the Past The display includes; "The
Flintstones," with 16,536 shells,  "The Jetsons,"  with 11,464 shells, and
" with 6,254 shells.  We always receive excellent local coverage,
and in
2000, we appeared on the Montel Williams Show, and were also
featured on
Extreme Cuisine, and the Agri-Country Network.  We have  been featured on "Ripley's Believe it or Not," and a photo was sent out by
Associated Press
that reached as far as the front page of an English language newspaper in Japan.  We were on the "Today Show" Easter morning 2006.
There is also a documentary on us in the works.  The display is
lit at night,
  and will be up from April 1th  thru April 9th.
   Happy Easter!

Ron and Betty Manolio                                                            NEW EGGSHELLS
1031 Linden Lane                                                                                  Courtesy of
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124                                            Sidewalk Cafe - Painesville
(440) 442-6061                                                                  Sidewalk Cafe - Euclid
Creative Eggshell Displays  - Lectures                                        Nick J. Sarris
Directions: From intersection of Richmond Road and Ridgebury - make three left turns on Roland, Ashwood and Linden Lane.


Eggshelland 2007 Ariel View
Eggshelland 2007 Ariel View

Eggshelland Sign - Bunny - Cross - Jetsons

50th Year
50th Anniv. 1957 - 2007
Cross and Eggshell Sign
Eggshelland 2007
2007 Egg Sign
Happy Easter 50,124 Enameled Egg Shells 50th Anniv. 1957-2007
Owl and Chick
Dino - Owl - Chick - Scooby-Doo
Astro - Judy - George Jetson - Jane
Pebbles - Betty - Fred Flintstone -Bam Bam - Barney - Dino
Barney and Dino
Barney and Dino
George Jetson
George Jetson and Jane

Wilma - Pebbles - Betty - Fred Flintstone

Astro - Elroy - Judy Jetson
Owl and Chick

Scooby-Doo and Shaggy
Ron and Betty Manolio
Betty and Ron Manolio

Flintsones  Flintstones

Pebbles "The Flintstones" was a Hanna-Barbera Production that originally aired on ABC-TV in prime time from 1960-1966.  It was network television's first animated series to which there were 166 original episodes. In the original closing sequence, Fred turns off the TV set, covers the bird cage, and attempts to put the cat out, which puts Fred out instead.  These sequences were only used for the first two seasons and many people have never seen them, because the later, more familiar opening and closing themes were usually used for all episodes during syndication. "The Flintstones" was nominated for an Emmy in 1961 for "Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor".  The show was a model for many other animated TV series and had a major impact on the world of animation.
eggs Green Eggs

Jetsons Jetsons

The Jetsons Premiered:  September 23, 1962     Last Aired:  September 23, 1987 Animation, Comedy.
When The Flintstones was a big cartoon hit, Hanna-Barbera decided to cash in on its success by creating a space-age futuristic version of the average family: The Jetsons . Much like The Flintstones (right down to the closing credits), this cartoon focused on the Jetson family. George Jetson was the bumbling-yet-kind hearted man who worked
for Spacely Sprockets under the greedy and mean eye of Mr. Spacely. His wife, Jane was a homebody who was a whiz around the house (via buttons that do certain chores) and a good mother to their two children, Elroy and Judy. Elroy was a very intelligent and industrious inventor, and was an all-out normal little boy. Judy was cute and boy-crazy and a regular teeny bopper. If Jane ever needed help around the house, she could always count on Rosie, their wisecracking robot maid to pull everyone through. And the Jetsons had a biological dog named Astro.This modern space-age family lived in the Skypad Apartments and were best friends with a Janitor named Henry Orbit and his robot Mac. George even had a friend in the office- a computer naned Rudy.
Green Eggs eggs

Scooby Scooby and Shack
Scooby-Doo was the title star of a long-running Saturday-morning cartoon of the 1970s and '80s. A comically nervous Great Dane, Scooby spent each episode hunting ghosts with four human teenagers, including the always-hungry hippie boy Shaggy, the brainy Velma, the buff Fred and the beautiful Daphne. (The group drove around in a van called the Mystery Machine.) In the 1990s Scooby-Doo returned as a nostalgic pop icon for Generation X. A Scooby-Doo feature film was released in 2002, with a computer-generated Scooby cavorting with a live-action cast including Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Fred and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy. The film was a hit, and a sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, followed in 2004.
Extra credit: The voice of Scooby's human pal Shaggy was provided by "American Top 40" radio personality Casey Kasem. Scrappy-Doo, a puppyish nephew of Scooby-Doo, appeared in some episodes of the cartoon.

50th Happy Easter 50th Eggs
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